Wonders of Water: Demme Learning Day

Learn a fun water game with our family during Wonders of Water.

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“Fill the Bucket Game”


Math-U-See® is a complete K-12 math curriculum produced by Demme Learning. This unique program develops by level, rather than by grade, presenting mathematical concepts incrementally. Students use manipulatives at most levels to establish an understanding of the concepts and then move on to solving problems until they have demonstrated mastery.


Students work with liquid measurement in the Gamma level (customary units) and the Zeta level (metric units) in the Math-U-See program. As you prepare to play this water game, you can refer to this printable to review measurement.



  • Tools for measuring liquids– measuring cups, pint jars or plastic containers, quart jugs, half-gallon jugs, gallon jugs; may also want to include liter bottles, 2-liter bottles, milliliter droppers or teaspoons (5 ml)
  • 2-3 identical buckets
  • Large container for holding water (kiddie pool, large washtub, ice chest) or access to outdoor faucet
  • 3 x 5 notecards



  • On the notecards, write at least two instructions related to the measuring tools you have, such as “Add 1 cup” or “Subtract 1 pint.” You can tailor the instructions to your students as follows:
    • PK/Early Elementary: measures in whole units, using the tools you have
    • Lower Elementary: measures that require substitution (ex., “Add 1 pint” but have no pint containers or “Subtract 1 gallon” but only have half-gallon containers)
    • Upper Elementary: include metric measures

There should be a minimum of 10 cards for each level, with more “adds” than “subtracts”.

  • Divide the children into teams, or allow them to compete individually, each one getting a bucket. Put instruction cards into piles.
  • Children take turns drawing a card from the appropriate pile and following the instructions. The team or person who fills the bucket first wins.


Wonders of Water Giveaway

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