Wonders of Water: App Connections

Explore these great apps about water for virtual water fun as we continue through Wonders of Water.

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Explore these great apps about water for virtual water fun as we continue through Wonders of Water.


Tiggly Submarine 

Read KinderTown's review of Tiggly Submarine.

Tiggly Submarine works with Tiggly’s new hands-on product Tiggly Words. Tiggly Words includes hands on vowel letters that interact with the iPad screen to make a multimedia experience for early learners. Travel through the underwater scene and select the correct vowel to complete words such as crab, fox, hen, and sun. Tiggly Words does a wonderful job of introducing the vowels to children in the context of beginning words. Understanding the vowels and their coordinating sound is an important pre-reading skill. Tiggly Submarine is appropriate for children who are beginning to learn to read, ages 4-7.


Science Museum Splash

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Science Museum Splash is all the fun and splashing of tub time for your preschooler, without mopping up your bathroom afterward. Does an item sink or float? Test it and find out! Tip your iPad side to side to see the water move, and wipe away the virtual steam. Change the temperature of the water. Want to start over again? Pull the plug and watch the water disappear down the drain.  If you are feeling brave try out each of the items in your own bathtub! Science Museum Splash is free and appropriate for children ages 3-5.


Sprinkle Jr.

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Have fun with the virtual water, and your child will develop problem solving skills in the process. Children must spray water to unlock or solve the problem presented. Each scene includes movable items in the scenery that help you extinguish flames or achieve a goal such as picking the fruit from a tree and feeding it to the animals. There are 30 fun levels included. Sprinkle Jr. is $1.99 and appropriate for children ages 3-5.


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