What are App Bundles?

p bundles are groups of apps sold together, up to ten, developed by the same developer.

This week I have noticed app bundles popping up in the kids section of iTunes store. App bundles are groups of apps sold together, up to ten, developed by the same developer. The app bundles are purchased with a single tap and all downloaded onto your device at the same time. It is similiar to buying 3 children’s books by the same author together. App bundles also must offer a discounted price to the consumer, and include in the icon the first 4 apps in the bundle. Here is what KinderTown thinks you should know as a parent about app bundles.


A list of things to consider:

1. Apps are cheaper bundled. They are cheaper, but is it still cheaper if your child only uses 1 of the 3 apps bundled together? Be sure to read about each app carefully, check the KinderTown review and consider if all the apps in the bundle are of the highest quality. The app bundles must be made by the same developer, but that doesn’t mean that each app is right for your child. For example, a math bundle may include apps that practice adding and geometry. This may or may not be appropriate for your child.


2. Consider the content of each app. Again, the bundles are provided by the same developer, so there is a good chance that the bundled apps may all look and feel the same to your child. This can be a positive or a negative depending on your child and the look and feel of the app. Consider purchasing one of the apps prior to purchasing the bundle.


3. Purchase apps based on the needs of your child, what educational goals you are working towards, and what is motivating to your child. Consider these qualities above a conveniently bundled group of apps. Another benefit may be that apps bundled together may be appropriate for multiple children in your household at a discounted price.


4. Bundles do inform the consumer easily of other apps made by the same developer that you may not have been aware of before. If you have an app that your child loves, this will allow you to easily find apps made by the same developer by looking at the Bundles section of the App Store.


5. If apps are in a bundle, does that mean they are better? Not necessarily; only paid apps and developers who offer more than one app are eligible to create a bundle. There are many high quality apps out there that are not in a bundle.


Here are a few KinderTown approved App Bundles:

Tinybop Explorers 1 and 2


Tinybop’s apps are based on exploration and provide helpful parent guides to learn about plants and the human body. Read KinderTown’s review of Tinybop’s Plants and The Human Body before purchasing.


Avokiddo Preschool Bundle


Avokiddo has unique characters to offer in their apps. If you love these characters you may love all of their apps which focus on early childhood skills. Read the review of Beck and Bo, ABC Ride, and Avokiddo Emotions.


Artgig Family Math Pack

artgig bundle

This math bundle includes 6 apps and would be great for a family who has children at multiple different stages of learning in math. The six apps include: Marble Math Junior, Mystery Math Town, Drive About: Number Neighborhood, Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities, Marble Math, and Mystery Math Museum.


Faces I Make Bundle


If you are looking for apps to boost your child’s creativity, these 2 apps would be a great place to start. Read the review of Faces I Make – Right Brain Creativity, and Faces iMake ABC


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