Vocabulary Power Pack for 2nd Grade Ages 7-8

Do you have a second grader at home? If so, then your child’s homework probably consists of some combination of sight words and phonics to bolster and train their minds in one of the most grueling efforts they’ll ever experience in academics: learning to read.


Use the techniques in this Vocabulary Power Pack to support your more independent learner.

Use the techniques in the Vocabulary Power Pack to support your learner at this level. They won’t stay in the trenches for long! Believe it or not, they are on the path to using their growing reading skills to learn about more sophisticated topics.


Access the Power Pack through the KinderTown app (remember, you must be signed in!) to read the full review. Below are some of the apps included in the Power Pack:


Bluster! Deluxe

Read KinderTown's review of Bluster! Deluxe

Word Games for Kids Futuba

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