3 Apps about United States History and Government

Election season is upon us, and this may have your child asking questions about United States history or government.


Election season is upon us, and this may have your child asking questions about United States history or government.


Your child may be learning about the election in school or at home, and these apps would be a great complement to those learning experiences.


Geography Drive USA

Geography Drive Icon

Geography Drive USA tests your child’s geography knowledge of all fifty states, with a few history questions thrown in. Kids travel the highways while answering questions to unlock airports and gas stations, which are essential to stay in the game. Bonus games allow them to visit the state fair to take the capital and state shape challenge and earn trophies and headlines. Overall, this is a fantastic app that encourages kids to study independently while incorporating a dynamic game to motivate and make learning meaningful.


Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER


Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER is an interactive digital magazine that delves into the creation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The magazine includes sections on The Father of the Constitution, To Ratify or Not to Ratify, and Making Changes to the Constitution.  The magazine explains the creation of the Constitution in reference to the election of a president and a few tidbits about voting over the years. There are four interactive activities included in the app, which involve a Constitution fill-in-the-blank, a game matching the items in the Bill of Rights to their corresponding numbers, a jigsaw puzzle, and a quiz. Overall, the app does a nice job of providing information about the Constitution in a kid-friendly layout.


Stack the States®


Stack the States uses motivating gameplay to help kids learn about geography and state facts. Questions are presented unvoiced, and you need to choose from 1 of 4 states to answer the question. When you answer correctly, you earn a state; in “tippy tower” style, the goal of each level is to stack the earned states up to a set line. The game play is motivating enough to keep kids (and adults) answering questions about location, national parks, capitals, and major cities. Children enjoy watching the backgrounds change with iconic pictures of our nation.


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