Top 3 Creativity Apps for Kids

Try this creative on and offline painting combination.

Try this creative on and offline painting combination.

My daughter loves to paint! I hate messes…Not a great combination. I do make an effort to set aside time to explore despite the mess that it sometimes creates. I always try to control the mess, use lots of paper towels, and hope for the best. Using Paint is an awesome way to be creative, and there is something about the experience that children love! My daughter exclaimed while painting, “I’m an artist.” I love encouraging all of the different things she can be and do. This sentence alone was worth the mess. Try this creative on and offline painting combination.


Wreck This App

Wreck This App is a great app to encourage creativity in students who may need a little guidance, or the permission to let loose. As the name implies, this virtual journal invites children to make a mess with the pages. Each page gives the user a prompt in order to think as an artist or start into an artistic direction with their own thoughts and ideas. Wreck This App is based on the book Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. The app is Wreck This Appintentionally created in black and white and has a simple interface that children ages 4 and up can easily use. The journal does not read the prompts to you, but younger children are able to navigate the tools once the prompts are read aloud to them. Add a photo of dirt, garbage or stains, trace your toes, or document a boring event in detail. This app makes your child think in many different directions and they can use words, photos, or drawing tools to express their answers. If your child doesn’t like the creation they’ve made, they can easily erase it and create another one. The app does have options for easily sharing to social media so parents will want to monitor their children when using the app, or disable these features on your iPad. Wreck this App is available for $4.99 for iPhone and iPad and will be a creative digital journal your child can come back to again and again.


Art Set

Art Set

Art Set is a virtual canvas for kids. My favorite feature about this app is that the tools and canvas appear as if they were painted with real paints and watercolors instead of looking digitized. This is a great app to use with students after they have used paints or watercolors on paper. This could also be used before to plan out what type of painting the children will create. There are a lot of different types of tools in the app, but children quickly learn how to manipulate and find their way around the art tools. The app is so sophisticated that it has pressure sensing tools as if your child were creating on real canvas. Explore oil paints, pastels, fluorescent colors or wax crayons with your child. Art Set is $1.99 and appropriate for creative kids ages 4-10.




PlayART makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an interactive Art Museum. Add a background of Monet; add artistic elements of Van Gogh; and empower your child to take on the feeling of famous painters to create their own pieces. In the My Museum section, kids can save their masterpieces. Within the app, children can decide which painter’s elements are their favorites and save them to their own personal pallet. Children can also add their own paint to the background of notable painters, or start with an empty canvas. The app includes 160 elements and 48 canvases from 8 famous painters. The app is completely kid-safe and does have options for sharing to social media, but they are locked. We wish that the app contained more information about the well-known artists themselves, so parents may have to supply the information once children are exposed to the painters. This app is sure to pique their interest in prominent painters’ work, and they’ll enjoy the process of creating their own unique paintings like the famous artists.


KinderTown’s Favorite Paint


Try this creative on and offline painting combination.

Washable Crayola Paint with Glitter

Paint Brushes

Paint Paper

Paper Towels



Try using a few of the apps above to inspire your child’s inner artist, then move to the paints and paper. Use a cup of water to rinse, and encourage your child to explore the different colors and brushes. Let them freely explore and paint.


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