Tiggly Math Review & Guide

Tiggly Math engages young learners in learning to count, add, and interact with number concepts.


Tiggly Math engages young learners in learning to count, add, and interact with number concepts.


At KinderTown, we’re thinking about you during the season of giving, and we’re going to review the season’s best Tech Toys for the tech-loving kids on your list! The Tech Toys we choose will be both educational and super fun. So join us here each week leading up to Christmas for a new installment.


Tiggly Math Review

Tiggly Math

The Tiggly Math product includes 5 counting rods that interact with the iPad apps. Young learners will enjoy stamping the rods on the iPad screen in order to engage with the app. Tiggly has created 3 free apps that work with the Tiggly Math product. Tiggly Chef, Tiggly CardToons, and Tiggly Addventure.


Where to Buy: Amazon, Target, or on the Tiggly website.


Who is Tiggly Math Great For?

It’s great for children ages 3-7 with interest in a Tablet, early learning centers, or preschools.


What’s the Educational Value of Tiggly Math?

It covers a wide variety of early learning math skills while still allowing for lots of exploration and play. Children love using the rods to interact with the screen and the free cleverly-developed apps that accompany the toy.


Platform: iOS for iPads, Samsung, Kindle, Kurio

Price: 29.99


Let’s take a closer look at the experience your child will be getting with each of the Tiggly Math apps:



Tiggly CardToons: This app provides a basic introduction to the numbers 1-5. Children tap the rods on the screen to create yellow circles to drag and count, along with the narrator. The yellow circles then become part of a cartoon, or “cardtoon,” if you will (they do). The colorful pictures create a story about the number that children adore. The cardtoons are created from torn paper, and make up 25 different stories within the app.


Tiggly Chef: The star of this app is the Italian chef who invites children to create their own recipe, to use the math rods to find a certain number of an ingredient, or to add numbers together to find a total. My children love to imitate his accent…especially some of his favorite phrases such as “What  are you waiting for?” and “Let’s get cookin’!” Children can use the rods to create an addition sentence that shows how much of an ingredient there is all together.  Children love the wacky cooking creations they are able to make, all while they’re learning to add, count, measure, and problem-solve!


Tiggly Addventure: Tiggly Addventure takes kids into their own math world by making number lines three-dimensional. Children have to choose a rod that will act as a bridge to help their Tiggly friend make it across the number line. The number line problems become more sophisticated as your child plays with the app. Choose the correct rod to help your Tiggly friend make it to an indicated space on the number line. Children navigate the adventure by going across and up the number lines to different levels of the Tiggly World.


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