TenMarks: Online Summer Learning

I learned about TenMarks and I wanted to share this valuable resource with you.


I learned about TenMarks and I wanted to share this valuable resource with you.

Summer is just around the corner. I know that I am planning some of the yearly activities that my kids enjoy. I’m also looking into new opportunities that might be a good fit for my children.


TenMarks Education

TenMarks is an innovative online education company run by Amazon. The amount of content that they provide for free is impressive. The program is marketed as a supplement for schools and homeschoolers. They offer both free and premium web-based packages. It can be utilized for homework, after school programs, remediation, enrichment, or practice during the traditional school year. In addition, they offer a free summer learning program for students to keep their skills sharp or to address areas of remediation. I am planning on using the program because my son enjoys math and I think he’ll enjoy the online practice.


As a teacher, there are a few features that stand out that I think make this program attractive. TenMarks’ interactive platform connects teachers, students, and families in order to individualize math instruction for the student. Allowing students to work at their own level and pace increases student engagement and learning outcomes. The adaptive program provides extra support for students who need to spend more time on a concept, while those who are ready for more challenging work can move ahead. The immediate feedback helps students track their progress and keeps them actively involved in the learning process.


The online program offers videos, hints, and interactive worksheets. Concepts are broken down so they can be read and dealt with more easily. The work flow is easy to read and audio is available for students who benefit from both visual and auditory instruction. As tasks are completed students gain access to the Reward Zone where they can play games and print certificates, an incentive I know my son will love.


What’s your favorite resource for summer learning?


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