Tiggly Christmas Review

I’m excited to share Tiggly Christmas with our fans.

I’m excited to share Tiggly Christmas with our fans. KinderTown loved Tiggly Shapes this year, and the Tiggly Christmas app is equally exciting. Thanks Tiggly! In order to use Tiggly Christmas, KinderTown recommends that you purchase the Tiggly Shapes. They are rubbery 3-D shapes that interact with the iPad, perfect for toddlers. Tiggly Shapes are appropriate for children ages 2-4. They make a unique gift for the techy toddler. The shapes are made to interact with iPad and the iPad mini. Tiggly Shapes also work with the free apps, Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Draw, and Tiggly Stamp.

Tiggly Christmas

Decorate your very own tree using the Tiggly Shapes. The app prompts your child to match the Tiggly Shape with the outline on the screen. Once the correct shape is placed on the outline, the app says the name of the shape and shows the word as well. Voilà! It becomes an ornament on your tree. Next, presents are shown and children must match their handheld shapes to those of the presents. Many of the shapes combine to make a toy that children can play with in the Christmas scene. Children can send their creations to friends with the assistance of an adult. Children are developing their spatial understanding using circles, squares, triangles, and stars as they play. Tiggly Christmas is $1.99 and available for iPhone and iPad. The app can be played without the Tiggly shapes, as in the iPhone version, but  KinderTown recommends the use of the manipulatives to maximize your child’s learning experience. KinderTown also really enjoys the Tiggly blog. The blog includes educational math activities to complete with your child offline.

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KinderTown Loves Tiggly Shapes!

Using the iPad to learn about shapes provides another avenue for exploration and learning.

Shapes are one of the core learning concepts for early childhood development. Using the iPad to learn about shapes provides another avenue for exploration and learning.


Tiggly Shapes

Tiggly combines the digital world with physical manipulatives that are so important for young children. I value hands on learning, and when I saw the Tiggly Shapes I was instantly in love! Tiggly Shapes are hands on 3-D learning shapes (square, circle, star and triangle) that interact with the free Tiggly Shapes apps on the iPad. They are rubbery, durable and easy to grip for little hands. I think this concept is right on target for early learners and I could not wait to try them with children. As I suspected our kid-testers loved them too!


Most recently, Tiggly added a bilingual feature allowing you to choose two languages to engage with while playing with the Tiggly apps. Let me overview three of the free apps that go with the Tiggly Shapes. Also, if you aren’t up for purchasing the Tiggly Shapes you can use a lite version of the apps for free. Tiggly Shapes and their apps are appropriate for children ages 18 months to 4 years old. KinderTown rarely recommends apps for children this young, but we feel strongly that the hands on component of these shapes is appropriate for children as young as 18 months when used alongside an adult. Parents, please note that you must match the shapes to the screen when the app launches to allow the Tiggly shapes to sense the screen. Also, check out the parent section in each app for additional information. Tiggly apps are only made for the iPad.


Tiggly Safari

Screenshot 2014-06-05 17.36.21

Tiggly Safari invites children to match the correct shape to the outline of the shape shown on the screen. After matching the shape, the app shows the shape, and the coordinating word. Then the shape is made into a safari animal, all while hearing the animal sound in the background. In multi-language mode the name of the shape is said in both languages that are selected. Also, the word is shown in both languages. As the app progresses, multiple shapes are combined to make animals and different orientations of each shape are shown. Tiggly Safari is the app I would recommend using first with your Tiggly Shapes.


Tiggly Draw

Screenshot 2014-06-05 17.37.05

Tiggly Draw allows your child to create characters from the Tiggly Shapes. Add a funny face, a mustache or silly feet, and then save the creation to your camera roll. The shape characters come alive with animation and sounds after they are created. Choose from 10 different backgrounds, and the character combinations are endless. Parents, have fun sharing your child’s work with friends and family. In addition to learning about shapes, your child is developing vocabulary associated with character parts as well as giggling over their silly animations.


Tiggly Stamp

Screenshot 2014-06-05 17.36.49

Tiggly Stamp is an open-ended creative play scene to use with the Tiggly Shapes. Each time a shape is “stamped” on the screen it becomes an object to play with in the scene. Your child may create an animal, decoration or flower. Many of the scenes presented have a theme often based on the time or year. My favorite feature of Tiggly Stamp is the recorder. This is especially great for developing oral language and interacting with your child. Tell a story about the scene with your child and the voice recorder will record all your interactions. Play your story back or delete it and create another one. This will surely be something you will want to treasure as a parent. I love listening to my child tell the story and I like knowing that I have preserved the sound of her young voice. A great keepsake for any parent or loved one!



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