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I’ve spent priceless time with my children and our iPad. My children like to climb in bed and enjoy an app together, or we explore an app on the go on the weekends. I have a few favorite apps from the KinderTown store I’d like to share with you.


I have a few favorite apps from the KinderTown store I’d like to share with you.


Favorite Apps

Bugs and Bubbles

My whole family is in love with this app! The app is centered around a theme of realistic bugs and bubbles. Bugs and Bubbles offers educational puzzles and areas for free-play. Kids tap, swipe, pinch, laugh and learn while popping bubbles and playing with bugs. The learning concepts are presented in playful ways and include counting, patterning, mind play, sorting and much more. You will find familiar games repackaged in easy to play activities that increase in difficulty quickly to keep kids engaged. Stay close by your child as the games progress so that your child does not get frustrated. In addition, be on the watch for Morty, the playful bug in command that allows your child to earn extra stickers and rewards. This app is appropriate for children ages 4-6. Bugs and Bubbles offers 18 games for children for $2.99 which makes it a definite must have for parents.


Toca Kitchen

Toca Kitchen is a wonderful app that your child will enjoy using while you are making dinner, driving in the car or while playing “restaurant” at home. Within the app, jazz music and conversations fill the background while you chop, blend, boil, pan sear and heat up foods for four different characters. My son enjoys the reactions each character makes as you feed them food they like and dislike. Make sure to read the parents page to get tips for using Toca Kitchen and questions to ask while playing with your child. Toca Kitchen is appropriate for children ages four to six and is available for $2.99.


Art Maker

Art Maker by ABC’s Play School designs a scrapbook-style environment for children to create, narrate and imagine. Children choose from a variety of backgrounds with characters and objects to add, easily resize and manipulate. If your child enjoys playing with stickers, this app allows for playful creation with endless stickers. Listen to your child chatter as they play with the characters and scenes. Each picture can be saved in the app, assembled into a storybook, or transformed into an interactive video as your child narrates and moves the images around. Art Maker is appropriate for children ages 3-6. A very informative “for parents” page gives tips and ideas to help you get started. Art Maker is $2.99 and appropriate for children ages three to six.


Show What You Know: Sticker Stories

My children enjoy stickers, and I have fond memories of my own sticker collection. Try this activity with your child with any kind of stickers you might have around your house.

sticker stories



Plain Paper



Tell your child that for this activity they are to choose a few stickers or select the stickers for your child. Have a conversation about the stickers. Provide lots of ideas about what the stickers could be doing or how the stickers could be part of a bigger picture. Have your child place the stickers on the page and create a scene around the sticker. Have your child tell you their sticker story. Add to the story, or invite another chapter of the story with another sticker. Older children may choose to write a sentence about their sticker story. Collect the stories and retell them with your family. Through this process your child is developing their vocabulary, imagination, and artistic skills.


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