What is a Power Pack?

KinderTown is launching a brand new product called Power Packs.

We’ve got some exciting news to share, and you’re part of it! KinderTown is re-launching a product called Power Packs.


Each pack is aligned to the KinderTown Learning Map and is designed to support parents in connecting the learning that happens on the iPad with educational experiences for the home. In addition, in each pack we also recommend websites and resources where parents can find more information. Our mission at KinderTown has always been to help parents be their child’s best teacher by providing them with tools to succeed. Power Packs are one more step in that direction.


What is a Power Pack?


A mix of offline and online activities organized by an early learning skill. For example, our first Power Pack is called Language Arts: Sound Play for ages 3 – K. This Power Pack explores the importance of phonemic awareness for children beginning at age 3 and includes apps and activities at home you can do with your child to learn this skill. To find the Power Pack, download KinderTown onto your iOS device. Then:

-Select the Power Pack icon from the menu at the bottom

-At the top, select the level 3K

-Choose Sound Play from the list of skills.

-Login and View the Power Pack


We think this is a great opportunity for the world to see the power of the iPad for early childhood learning. Access the Power Pack through the KinderTown app (remember, you must be signed in),  and select the Power Packs icon from the bottom menu to check them out! 


Download the free KinderTown app to access the Power Packs.

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