High Interest Math Fact Apps

Memorizing addition and subtraction facts is an essential part of math instruction. Having your child practice the facts on the iPad can provide an engaging experience and increase their time spent practicing them. Check out these high-interest math fact practice apps.


Having your child practice math facts on the iPad can provide an engaging experience and increase their time spent practicing them.


Squeebles Addition & Subtraction


The goal of the game is to free the “squeebles” from the mean math monster. There are four different ways to play the game, which makes it interesting for kids. The modes include addition, subtraction, random, fill the gaps (3+_ = 8) and tricky questions (questions answered incorrectly previously).  Be sure to check the settings for difficulty levels and find one that best suits your child. Multiple children can be registered in the game, so it is suitable for multi-children households or classrooms. Children enjoy the quest to save the squeeble. Squeebles Addition & Subtraction is available for iPhone and iPad and costs $1.99.


Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master

fruit ninja

This app provides an engaging theme of the quest to find stone tablets through searching in jungles, ancient ruins, and temples, all while practicing math facts. The main character in the story is a ninja who likes to swing and slice and dice the correct answer to math problems. Kids are in control of the slicing and dicing, which keeps the interest high throughout the game. Parents, you may want to have your child use headphones or turn the sound off because the background noise can be distracting, as sound effects are used for all of the movements and complex scenes. The app does also offer practice with number concepts, multiplication facts, and shapes. The app costs $4.99 and is available for iPhone and iPad.


Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game for Kids

Math Evolve

Math Evolve is an arcade-style game that encourages children to solve simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, or advanced division problems quickly. Soar through different environments, zapping numbers while dodging all kinds of obstacles. The challenging game play was highly motivating for our app testers. This app is a long-lasting app for building number fluency because it covers facts through division. Math Evolve is for the child who is already adding and can handle a fast-action game play app. Math Evolve costs $1.99 and is available for iPhone and iPad.

Whether your child is freeing a squeeble or pretending to be a ninja, these apps will make practicing their math facts more enjoyable.


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