Best Building Apps for Kids

Building promotes creativity, imagination and spatial awareness.

Building with blocks has long been a favorite activity for kids and parents alike. Building promotes creativity, imagination, problem solving, and spatial awareness. Check out these best building apps for kids.


Toca Builders

toca builders

Toca Builders is a virtual 3D playground where kids can use characters to build and create their own unique world. Each character has a different creative talent in the virtual world. For example, Jum-Jum loves to spray paint(a favorite by our child testers), and Connie is able to lift and move blocks. Your child can create several different play-based worlds within the app to add to or adapt later. There are not any words or dialog in the app, so sit with your child and discuss the characters and their abilities or perhaps create a story about the characters as your child manipulates their world. Toca Builders feels like Minecraft but is appropriate for children ages 4-8. Children use this app to demonstrate their creativity skills as well as developing their understanding of 3D environments. Be sure to check out the For Parents section within the app for more ideas. Toca Builders costs $2.99. The possibilities are as endless as your child’s imagination in the Toca Builders world.


Bloxy World



Bloxy apps allow your child to build with blocks in order to create objects that they can play with in the virtual world. For example, build an airplane and construct an airport so your plane can land and take off again. In addition, children can build freely with the blocks. When a creation is complete, children can also upload them to Bloxy World or download other creations to play with or to inspire their own ideas. Parental permission is requested each time one of these actions is performed. There are over 330 bricks included in Bloxy World. Children can also use their theme collections for space, castles, trees, cars and a special girls’ world. Other features include the ability to add speech bubbles to the mini-figures and a snapshot feature to take pictures of the creations. Bloxy World is free to download but does have in-app purchases for selected blocks. KinderTown recommends the Buy all Bricks feature for $8.99. Bloxy World is appropriate for children ages 4-8.


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