Summer Activity: Water Tasting

Try this water tasting activity with your family this summer and have fun taste testing.


Try this water tasting activity with your family this summer and have fun taste testing.

Focus: Science and Math

Water Tasting: Conduct a taste test to find out if the members of your family (and maybe even your friends) think that all types of water taste the same. Graph the results and draw conclusions.



  • Samples of water: tap water, seltzer water, bottled water, club soda, mineral water (flat or carbonated), distilled water, tonic water
  • Cups
  • Paper, graph paper, or poster board
  • Taste Testing Form (1 per person, provided)
  • Pencils, pens, markers


  1. Explain that your family (and maybe some friends, too!) will conduct a taste test of different types of water.
  2. Determine the different types of water that you want to include in the test.
  3. Gather samples of the water for test.
  4. Label the cups to distinguish them from one another (numbers, letters, or colored dots). One person should be designated to know which samples represent each type of water.
  5. Water_Example


  6. Give each person a taste test form (or develop your own) to rank the water samples from favorite to least favorite throughout the test.
  7. Begin the activity by having each person observe each sample before Questions to consider are:
  • How does the water look?
  • Does it have an odor?
  1. Next, have each person taste one sample at a time. Have each person think about the taste and texture of the water. Questions to consider are:
  • How does the water taste?
  • How does it feel in your mouth?
  1. Circle the rating on the taste test form continuum for that sample.
  2. Discuss the results as a family. See some of the questions under “Extension” to get started.
  3. Reveal type of water for each sample.
  4. Water_Form



  1. Create a graph of the results. Your family can decide which type of graph would be best to display the data (bar graph, pictograph, circle graph, or line plot) and then discuss the following:
  • Is there an overall favorite or dislike?
  • Is there a tie?
  • What characteristics of the water may have influenced your decision to rate a sample higher or lower on the scale?
  • Might the container they are stored in affect taste? Why or why not?
  • How could the experiment be improved?


  1. Research the different types of water that your family tested. Try to find information about how the water is collected, produced, and manufactured (i.e., what might be added, such as sodium, that could make them taste slightly different).


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