Storytelling Apps

The act of storytelling develops vocabulary, understanding of character, and story organization.

The act of storytelling develops vocabulary, understanding of character, and story organization. Using a storytelling app will augment that process for your child, as you provide the occasional vocabulary help or guiding questions. Check out our Power Pack on Storytelling that will provide you with more ideas and a greater understanding of how to grow this skill within your child.


Storytelling Apps


Superhero Comic Book Maker (iOS only)

superhero comic book

This app does an awesome job of making storytelling easy for children as young as three years old. It is easy to navigate, and the pieces to create a story are embedded nicely within the app. To begin, children choose the comic maker button and select a background as the setting for the first scene in their story. Children can easily record narration for each character as they develop a story. By returning to the main menu children can create additional scenes and then combine them into a longer story. Even if children only use one scene to create a mini story, they are building vocabulary and language skills. This app provides an inviting environment for young learners to start creating stories. This app is appropriate for children ages 6-8 and costs $1.99.


My Story (iOS only)

My Story

Your child can use stickers, markers, photos, and voice recordings to create an original book with My Story. This app also allows for the creation of multiple users so more than one child in a household or classroom can have an individual account within the app. This feature is great for classrooms or learning centers. My Story also allows for sharing if enabled by email, on social networks, or in iBooks. Parents be sure to help your child with this ­­­if you are interested in sharing stories with family and friends. This app is appropriate for children ages 5-8 and costs $3.99.


Draw and Tell (iOS only)

Draw and Tell

Draw and Tell brings the best features of drawing apps into one fabulous art and storytelling experience. Children can choose from a blank page, browse your photo library, or select a background from within the app to start creating a story. The app provides tools such as crayons, stickers, paint, and erasers. Your child can narrate his story while the app records the audio and stickers moving around the screen. Children who are not feeling up to creating their own picture can try the variety of coloring pages where they can drop paint into the lines to create a vibrant scene. Draw and Tell is $1.99 and appropriate for children ages 3-8.


In this Power Pack, you’ll find activities and app recommendations that support your child by translating all their creative stories into print.

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  1. Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim says:

    Love these BUT we don’t have iOS. What about android apps? Thanks.

    • Lanette Gemmill says:

      We have begun to indicate in our blog posts if the apps are available on Android.