Sports of All Sorts: Demme Learning Day

Summer Camp is for parents and kids to work together, exploring the world around you with activities.

Summer Camp is for parents and kids to work together, exploring the world around you with activities that will take you outside, inside, and as far as your imagination will go! Learn more by reading the Welcome to KinderTown Summer Camp! blog post.


Newspaper Free Throw


Math-U-See® is a complete K-12 math curriculum produced by Demme Learning. This unique program develops by level, rather than by grade, presenting mathematical concepts incrementally. Students use manipulatives at most levels to establish an understanding of the concepts and then move on to solving problems until they have demonstrated mastery.


People who are interested in sports often like to record data, such as the number of points earned, the time it took to complete a challenge, or the percentage of games won. Students at all levels of Math-U-See study different types of data analysis. Young children record results with tally marks (Primer, Lesson 23), elementary-aged children learn how to make graphs (Beta, Lesson 30), and older students calculate percentages (Zeta, Lesson 11).


As you prepare to play today’s “sport,” you can refer to this PDF to review data-recording techniques.


Learn about tally marks, bar graphs, line graphs, and finding percentages.



  • Old newspapers (Other types of paper may be used, as long as the pages are all the same size.)
  • Bucket or basket
  • Pad of paper or marker board for keeping score



  • Wad up each full sheet of newspaper into a ball. Try to keep the size of the “balls” somewhat uniform.
  • Create a free-throw line with chalk or tape. Set up the “basket” a designated length away from the free-throw line. (You may want to adjust this distance based on the age of the contestant.)
  • Each contestant stands behind the line and throws the newspaper balls into the basket. Another person should record the number of times the balls go into the basket. The person who shoots the most “baskets” wins. (NOTE: If you only have one player, that person can throw the balls three times and write down all three scores.)
  • Complete the appropriate activity to record the data.
  • Preschool – Early Elementary: Have the child record the scores with tally marks and report the totals at the end of the competition.
  • Elementary: Make a bar graph to compare the scores of the contestants or a line graph for the three trials of an individual player.
  • Upper Elementary: Count the total number of balls and calculate the percentage of successful baskets for each player or trial.


If you want to learn more about Math-U-See, visit our website.


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