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What stands out in Stop and Go! is how perfectly suited the activities are to the attention span and interests of toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Stop and Go!

What stands out in Stop and Go! is how perfectly suited the activities are to the attention span and interests of toddlers and pre-schoolers. The app is all about transportation. 12 different vehicles cruise onto the screen and stop at a clever stop light where you listen to a parent and child comment about what they are seeing.


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There are two features that make this app one of our favorites for young children. First, is the overall pace which is fine-tuned to move the child along in a very natural way but also allows the child to slow down and speed up the pace as they interact with the vehicles. The second is how Stop and Go! added a layer of interactivity where kids explore the environment and tap around for hidden interactive elements. Together these features make this app one children go back to again and again.


Activity 1: Stop and Go! City

Make your own Stop and Go! city using cardboard boxes and a lot of imagination


What You’ll Need:


• Cardboard boxes.
• Construction paper.
• Toy vehicles.
• Other craft supplies from around the house.


Your cardboard boxes get transformed into buildings by adding windows and doors made out of construction paper. Your child might enjoy drawing lamps and plants in some of the windows like in the Stop and Go! app. Keep your buildings simple or create more elaborate homes using paint and art materials from around the house.


After making your city, set it up in your child’s room for some independent play time. Gather toy cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles you have and watch your child’s imagination run wild.

Spend some lap time together with your child while using the Stop and Go! app. Then bring out the buildings when you are getting ready to cook dinner or need to some adult time. We love seeing how children bring their experiences on apps like Stop and Go! into their free play time.


Activity 2: Stop and Go! Out Your Window

What You’ll Need:

Optional: Set of vehicle cards.


There are lots of family fun games to play in the car. There are lots of family fun apps for kids to use in the car too. We like to hear about families using both – and even better when the apps and the family fun games can go together! Stop and Go! introduces many of the vehicles that you see on the road and driving around town. Use your time in the car to hunt out these vehicles.


If your child is looking for a project encourage them make the family a set of vehicle cards to keep in the car. Index cards and crayons are all you need to make a good set of vocabulary cards.


Have one person in the family choose a vehicle from the Stop and Go! app. Challenge the kids to watch out their windows and be the first one to spot that vehicle. Add more fun by finding cars, trucks and motorcycles with specific colors. Depending on where you live you might find yourselves searching a while for either the tractors or taxis.


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