Park Math App Review

What I like best about Park Math is the addition and subtraction activities.

Park Math – by Duck Duck Moose

What I like best about Park Math is the addition and subtraction activities. Children are able to visually manipulate as they move from concrete to abstract, as the visual operation is provided in the lower right corner. Carrying and borrowing are also introduced. It is critical that children use various computational skills in the context of their work rather that just memorizing meaningless “math facts.”


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One strength of Park Math is that it offers an assortment of activities with three levels of difficulty. The same seven games are provided at each level, becoming increasingly more difficult. Additionally, it’s easy to navigate between these levels within the app.


Counting can be done with numbers up to 50. AB,AAB,ABB,AABC seashore patterns are included. This app has critters on a seesaw, introducing division operations that are equal and those that have one left over. This concept of “remainders” is introduced without the vocabulary. As a parent, this is a great opportunity for you to get involved by drawing attention to this. Another activity has the child arrange dogs in order from smallest to largest.


At KinderTown, we believe strongly that your off-screen activities at home build a true understanding of math patterns, language,and symbols needed to perform simple number operations. We encourage you to create your own number line (a yardstick makes a good one) and ask your child questions like:


• I am thinking of a number that is (three) more than (28)
• You have been in school for 29 days….I wonder how many more days until you have been in school for 50? How did you figure that out?
• What number is half of 6?
• What number is between 17 & 19?
• What number is before 12?
• What number is after 26?


I hope you and your children enjoy this app together. Please share any other ideas for activities you’ve developed that have worked for you and your child in the comments below.


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