Noodle Words HD – Action Set 1 | App Review & Activities

Noodle Words is one of our favorite apps ever! Watching the joy and giggles when new discoveries are made = Priceless!

Noodle Words HD – Action Set 1

Noodle Words is one of our favorite apps ever! Noodle Words is the first in a series of animated Word Toys. We never get tired of testing this app with children. Watching the joy and giggles when new discoveries are made = Priceless!


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Designed for both readers and non-readers to play with words, Noodle Words supports learning vocabulary and comprehension through motivational wordplay. There are 18 words that the Noodle Bugs illustrate with highly interactive antics. Children literally play with words to make DANCE dance, SPIN spin and JUMP jump as you tap, tilt, turn and blow.


Make sure you read through the menu tabs for helpful game tips for parents. Our kids come back to this app often, but with only 18 action words it leaves us wanting more. The time you spend with Noodle Words will be some of the most fun you will have learning vocabulary with your family!


Activity 1: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with these silly wordplay Valentines.


Have you picked up your classroom Valentines yet? Are you planning to make your own Valentines this year? The Crafty Crow blog has gathered some funny, “pun”-y Valentines ideas from around the web.


Check out all the activities here: The Craft Crow WordPlay Valentine Card Ideas for Kids.


How to choose from all the great ideas? Here are my top picks:


• For a last minute, quick make: You Color My Heart Valentines!

• For a funny treat: Hog’s and Kisses Valentine

• For a kid favorite: “Doh” you want to be my Valentine?


Activity 2: Go Fishing for Verbs

Make a fishing game to practice reading nouns and verbs!


What You’ll Need:


• Two bowls.
• Index cards.
• Paper clips.
• String.
• A magnet.


Start by creating a list of nouns and verbs with your child. Choose about 5 nouns and 5 verbs to start. Write one word on each index card, making sure to keep the piles separate. Add a paperclip to each card and put each set into a bowl.


Pull out a magnet fishing pole from an old game or make your own. All you need is to tie string around a magnet. Go ahead and just grab a magnet from the fridge! Get inspired by adding a stick from outside as a pole. Now you are ready to start fishing.


Fish for one noun card and one verb card. Put the cards together and read each word. You might have some very silly sentences! Extend the activity by thinking up endings to your sentences or writing out the noun and verb and adding a picture of what the sentence looks like. Your child will never realize they are doing “school work” with this game.


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