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My Word Wall is a first-rate phonics apps that contains four well-designed games with over 75 sight words and 12 word families.

My Word Wall

My Word Wall is a first-rate phonics apps. It contains four well-designed games with over 75 sight words and 12 word families. Your beginning reader will have a great time practicing spelling, phonics and overall wordplay.


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Your child will work on identifying beginning sounds, word puzzles, word families, matching words to pictures and general vocabulary building. Short, concise directions are given in each game and there are no hints as the games are designed for your child to discover the answers with out “buzzing” every error made. We love how My Word Wall caters to multiple learning styles.


Activity 1: Write it – Roll it – Read it

Get ready parents…it’s time to bring out the playdough!


What You’ll Need:


• Playdough. Try out this recipe for more fun.
• Writing Paper.
• Wax Paper.
• Permanent Marker.


Playdough activities are excellent for young children because they create the perfect opportunity for fine-motor development and creativity. Parents all you need to do for this activity is be the writer for your child.


Lay out the writing paper and ask your child to think of some words they want to create. Choose words they just finished in My Word Wall or a favorite book to spark some ideas. Write the words out on the paper with dark thick lines.


Let your child create a little drawing next to the words to help them remember each word. Lay the wax paper on top of your writing paper. Create each word by rolling out “snakes” of playdough. Sit next to your child and help them think about each sound. Make the sounds for each letter often and encourage them to try too. Don’t forget to save your word sheet so your child can get it out to work on independently.


Activity 2: Games for Flashcards

Support your classroom teacher by knowing what letters and word families (or spelling patterns) your child is working on at school. Use these fun games to play and learn more at home.


Children are learning new words and making connections about language and reading patterns every day. The more you can do to support vocabulary and language learning at home, the more successful your child will be at transferring these positive experiences to school. Parents are the first and best teachers their children have.


What You’ll Need:
• Letter or word family flashcards (and index cards and markers work too).


One great way to use the flashcards you have sitting around the house is to take a few with you on a trip to the store or in the car. Pull out the flashcards and instead of just asking your child what is on it, play 20 questions or any other describing game. Get creative, let the game evolve based on the moods, energy or creativity of your family.


My favorite game starter questions are:


• I am thinking of a word that has the letter/word family ____.
• I have a letter (don’t tell but it’s: G) in my hand that is in the words pig, plug, game…
• Can you guess my letter? no peeking…
• Let’s think of words that are in this word family. (Go around the car and the last one to name a word wins!)
• Jump when you see the letter ____.


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