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Jewel River combines vibrant artistry and game play with a meaningful educational experience.

Jewel River

Jewel River combines vibrant artistry and game play with a meaningful educational experience. Your child will feel like they are playing a game while practicing the important skill of subitizing. Subitizing is the ability to instantly recognize how many are in a set without counting.


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Jewel River provides supported practice for young children to make and recognize sets of 3, 4, and 5 jewels. This app blends together one and two player options, thoughtful hints, and increasingly challenging play into an important number sense experience. Jewel River is an app you need to have for your young child.


Activity: Domino Train

After your child plays Jewel River, use this activity to extend and demonstrate their learning.


Dominoes is a classic game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Young children love sitting together with the family and playing traditional games like chicken foot or Mexican train. Set aside some time to play a children’s version of dominoes and help your child to become a better subitizer.


What You’ll Need:

• A set of dominoes (if you do not have dominoes at home, create your own or print this sheet of dominoes).
• An open space to build your domino train.


Show your child the dominoes by laying them all out face up. Have them notice the dots and colors. To help them understand how to play the game, model matching the same colored dots to each other. Play with the dominoes in a straight line. When your child is successful matching the colors move to matching the dots. Encourage your child to count the dots and to see if they can tell you “how many” without counting.


As your child becomes familiar with dominoes you will need to add more challenge. Divide the original large pile of dominoes into two piles, or one pile for each player. Explain that each player can only use their dominoes and if they can’t make a match to say “pass.” Continue to play in a straight line or start creating new tracks for your train.


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