Show & Tell: iLearn with Poko: Seasons and Weather!

iLearn with Poko: Seasons and Weather!

Subject: Science

Concepts: seasons

Target Age: 3, 4, 5, 6

Device: iPhone

Price (as of publishing): $1.99 (iPhone) and $2.99 (iPad)

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iLearn with Poko: Seasons and Weather is a top-notch Science app for children ages 3 to 6. Tribal Nova has out done themselves with this interactive, engaging and authentic app that teaches children about seasons and weather while boosting their vocabulary and comprehension skills. With three levels of different activities that get progressively more challenging based on your child’s responses, you can be sure that your child will remain absorbed in this complete learning experience.

Show What You Know

Activity 1: Tracking the Weather

Enjoy discovering how weather changes!

You will need:

  1. Camera or paper & crayons
  2. A calendar to record your data: Use a calendar, cookie sheet and magnets OR push pins and tag board

December is a great month for watching the weather. Depending on where you live you might notice snow, rain, sun, clouds and wind all within a two week time period. Enjoy tracking the weather with your child and seeing them make connections with the concepts taught in iLearn with Poko: Seasons and Weather.

Plan a set time each day for about two weeks to record what is happening outside. You will need to create or use a calendar where you can keep track of a picture each day. Your child will especially love using a camera to take the picture or drawing their own picture. Talk about what your child notices as the days pass. Encourage them to make connections about what clothes they might want to wear or not wear each day.

Activity 2: Good Reads About Seasons and Weather

Here are some beautiful and educational books to enjoy with your child. Many can be found at your local public library and a few in the app store!


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