Show & Tell: Hand Painted – Animals

Hand Painted – Animals

Subject: Science

Categories: Life Science

Target Age: 3, 4, 5, 6

Device: Universal

Price (as of publishing): $2.99

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Hand Painted – Animals is a special app for us because it was one of the first apps submitted to us to review when we launched KinderTown in November 2011. This app is still a favorite, with its beautiful artistry, thoughtful lap  sit game for parents and children to use together and variety of games and levels. Good for all ages, we hope you enjoy this app as much as we do.

The first thing you notice when using Hand Painted – Animals is the amazing animal illustrations. Each animal parent and baby is thoughtfully drawn with great attention to detail. We appreciate this level of effort because we know it is time consuming and expensive to create.

Your youngest child will love sitting in your lap and matching pictures of mommy animals to their babies with you. As your child gets older they will enjoy progressing through the other game modes. Both traditional matching and memory games have three levels of difficulty and use the same brilliant illustrations.

Our favorite activity is the category game. Children tap animals that fit into a specific category. Again with three levels, they might be looking for animals with tails, animals that have feathers or animals that are mammals. This game works on the important and challenging skill of categorizing that children need to practice often in order to develop a sophisticated understanding.

Show What You Know

Activity 1: Pretend Play

This activity may seem simple. It may happen naturally while reading an animal book or playing an animal themed app. We want to encourage you to see the apps and other technology in your child’s life as another catalyst for play.

While using Hand Painted – Animals take time to get up and move like the animals. While playing the game with your child try to match the animal faces with your own silly face. Inspire your child to act out the animal movements after each memory match. Understand the categories of animals better by trying to be an animal that belongs (or doesn’t belong).

Children are natural explorers. One reason why we love Hand Painted – Animals is because children naturally engaged in conversation about what they were doing in the app and extended their excitement in playful ways. Encourage this by playing along with your child too.

Activity 2: Elephant’s Toothpaste

“What’s this?,” you ask? You really have to make it to find out.

You’ll need:

1. Plastic water or soda bottle – anything with a narrow neck will work

2. 1/2 cup 20-volume or 6% hydrogen peroxide – Find this at a beauty supply store

3. Squirt of Dawn dish detergent

4. 3-4 drops of food coloring (for more fun)

5. 1 teaspoon yeast dissolved in approximately 2 tablespoons very warm water

6. Funnel

7. Plastic bin, baking dish or anything else to contain the toothpaste as it grows

Put the bottle inside the plastic bin. Insert the funnel into the top of the bottle.

Add the ingredients in this order:

1. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with food coloring
2. Dawn dish detergent
3. Yeast mixed in water
4. Lift the funnel and watch

Be ready with 2 or 3 sets of ingredients because your child is going to want to make the toothpaste again. Enjoy watching your child touch, smell and start asking lots of questions.

Learn more about this activity and pictures and videos of elephant toothpaste at Steve Spangler Science.


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