Show & Tell: Geography Drive USA

Geography Day is still a top-notch Social Studies app for kids.

For Memorial Day weekend we are revisiting a favorite app Show & Tell we featured last December. The app, Geography Drive USA, is still a top-notch Social Studies app for kids. Enjoy it on road trip or scroll down to the “Show What You Know” for some exploring in nature activities.

Geography Drive USA

Subject: Social Studies

Category: People and Places

Age: 7 to 8

Price: $4.99

Device: iPad

Spinlight has produced another app that fits in our

“apps you MUST own” category

In Geography Drive USA your children will test their geography knowledge of all fifty states, with a few history questions thrown in. The app increases knowledge of rivers, oceans, time zones, major cities, landmarks, major geographic regions and more.

Kids travel the highways while answering questions to unlock airports and gas stations which are essential to stay in the game.  Bonus games allow them to visit the state fair to take the capital and state shape challenge and earn trophies and headlines. The app thoughtfully keeps track of 3 players/teams. This helps to avoid any “it’s my turn” demands between siblings (and parents!).

The game-play format makes learning easy and fun. I wish I had technology like this when I was in grade school. I have bad memories drilling state capitals.  ~Kay Welch, Education Advisor for KinderTown

Show What You Know

Activity 1: Photographic Treasure Hunt

We did this activity with our little ones over Thanksgiving.  We had the two 7 and 8 year olds prepare maps of the area around our home for their younger siblings. The group of kids then used either an iPhone or iPad to photograph details they observed. They then marked their individual maps with their observations. Older cousins helped  the younger ones.

I was surprised at how nurturing and supportive these same children were who had been fighting just moments before. Activity time was about 20 minutes. We then met back together to at the red ‘X” to compare findings.

We found the activity online at if you want to read up on more details!

Activity 2:  Brown Bag Scavenger Hunt

You’ll Need:

  • 1 brown bag for each child/team
  • 8 pack of crayons for each child/team
  • 1 copy of the “Gifts of Nature” page you can create or use (see below)

Note: I have been using the sheet below for the last 15 years in my home!

Each child or team gets a brown bag, small pack of crayons, and a sheet showing items to search for. Take a nature walk trying to gather or spot as many of the things on the sheet as possible.

We have done this often with 3 and 4 year olds. It’s a wonderful attention holder and we have never cut the hunt short  (not even the time I picked up one of our little ones to wade through water and in the process ruined my iPhone. Surely a memory I’ll  find funny someday.)


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