FirstWords Halloween App Review

FirstWords Halloween is a fun themed app that houses games that are both educational and entertaining.

FirstWords Halloween

Learning Touch has done it again with FirstWords Halloween, launched just in time for the holiday. The app is made up of Halloween games that are as educational as as they are entertaining.


One of the features I love in this app and the other Learning Touch apps is the option of customizing the difficulty level to match different abilities, which is great if you have multiple children. It also increases the shelf life of the app since it stays relevant even as the child learns.


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Options the app supports include word length, which can be specified or chosen randomly; and letter names or phonics, where in the phonics setting children are encouraged to merge sounds into words. This app’s strength is its ability to teach letters and spelling while being reasonably calm and not scary (which is good, even if it is Halloween). There are 28 Halloween words for children to learn.


The only problem I found was once the game is started there is no way to exit or return to settings before the end.


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