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Faces iMake is an extraordinary tool for developing right brain creativity and expanding awareness in a really fun way.

Faces iMake

After reviewing Faces iMake with other educators and playing with children it is clear that this is an extraordinary tool for developing right brain creativity and expanding awareness in a really fun way.


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Faces iMake is a modern day take on Mr. Potato Head: a past generations’s mainstay toy for creative play. Yet, Faces iMake is much more fun. This app uses images of everyday objects which you manipulate to create colorful and silly pictures. Each picture created can be easily saved and shared.


Faces iMake was developed with artist, children’s book author and educator Hanoch Piven. It is based on the highly acclaimed creative workshops he has conducted in schools and kindergartens all around the world. Priven thoughtfully added short and entertaining lessons in the app to help children learn how to use each tool and get lots of ideas.


Activity 1: Edible Paint


There are lots of ways to make edible paint, here are a few easy recipes to try:


• Instant pudding + food coloring
• Light corn syrup + food coloring
• Sweetened condensed milk + food coloring

All you need to do is put a small amount of each liquid into a small bowl and mix in as much food coloring as you want. Natural food coloring works well too. Make sure to have lots of paper or a easy to clean surface ready!


Finger painting with edible paint is a wonderful sensory experience. Well cleaned paintbrushes or stamps work well too. Be careful with the food coloring as it can stain. Enjoy creating pictures, watching the colors change and the best part – licking your fingers!


Check out Play At Home Mom to see some great pictures to inspire you to make and use edible paint. You will also find many more hands-on, sensory activities.


Activity 2: Stories iMake


Take your creative faces and turn them into starring characters for your child’s stories.


What You’ll Need:


• Your device
• Printer
• Folder


As you complete each face in Faces iMake, save it to photos or email it to yourself. Print out your picture and add it to a “faces binder” or put it in a folder your child can easily access. By creating a collection of faces your child has a set of their work to play with and tell stories about.


Use smaller pictures to make magnets for the fridge. Print them out on card stock and add a body outline to create personalized playhouse characters. We love how the work your child does on Faces iMake can be included into free play time at home!


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