Eddy’s Number Party! | App Review & Activities

Eddy’s Number Party! creates a learning environment for children to explore numbers without realizing they're learning.

Eddy’s Number Party!

Eddy’s Number Party! creates a learning environment for children to explore numbers without realizing they’re learning. This is not just a math app. Eddy’s Number Party! demands listening attention, memory, and concentration. It engages your child to use critical thinking. Different levels continuously adapt to keep your child challenged. One feature of the app called “Grown-Up Central” has an overview of the apps goals and objectives. There is a parent tour of  the levels and a visual report card with the child’s progress, help and support. Unfortunately, only one child’s information is tracked.


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Show What You Know

Activity 1: I See Numbers, What Do You See?

Numbers in the grocery store? Numbers while in the waiting room? Yes, you can play with numbers EVERYWHERE!


What You’ll Need:
• Absolutely Nothing!


When I was a child and now quite a few years later in the classroom, one of my all-time favorite games is “I see, what do you see?”. A new spin on this traditional game is to play with numbers instead of colors. Look around the room you are in. Notice that often we gather items in small sets. You might see one computer, two speakers, three pictures on the wall.


Challenge your child to find a group of items that have just one, two or three items in the group. This is not easy! Our children are very inventive and creative. Watch as they find the most unusual groups. We might not notice the three apples that have stems, but they see these groups everywhere.


Make sure to have your child show and describe the groups they find. Encourage them to be as wacky and imaginative as possible, as long as they are still finding the true amount of objects.


Activity 2: Clap and Create

A quick and fun game that allows your child to have an opportunity to learn while also playing the teacher!


What You’ll Need:

• A noise maker (such as instruments, a puppet or toy that makes a short noise, your hands clapping)
• A collection of items that are not too distracting (such as stickers, small toys, marker and paper)


To start this game you will need to set up a working space where your child can sit with a small collection of items. Explain to your child that they are going put one item from their collection out every time you make a noise. Clapping is the easiest way, but using an instrument or a toy that makes a squeak or other short noise is fun too.


Start with a few sounds, just two or three. See if they can match one item for every sound you make. There is no need to count or write a number yet, just have them match one item for one sound. If they do not do it perfectly, that is okay because next you are going to show them how well you can listen and make groups.


Switch roles and have your child make the noise and you put the items out. Now they get to be the teacher! If your child was struggling matching one item to one noise this is where you can really help them learn. By watching you listen to their sounds and match items your child will learn more than any explanation you can give.


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