Power Pack Sound Play 3K

KinderTown has re-launched Power Packs! This week’s Power Pack is focused on Sound Play for children ages 3-4.


Download the free KinderTown app to access the Power Packs.

In this Power Pack you will find activities and apps that support the development of phonological awareness. As you spend the next weeks and months focused in this area, you child will develop a sense of the patterns in language. This Power Pack features activities, apps, and resources for providing a rich language environment in your home filled with rhyme and alliteration.


These apps are featured in the Sound Play Power Pack for 3K. Access the Power Pack through the KinderTown app (remember, you must be signed in)!


Joy of Reading

Download educational app Joy of Reading.


Dora’s ABC’s Vol 2: Rhyming Words

Download educational app Dora's ABC's Vol 2: Rhyming Words.



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