New Apps in KinderTown!

New apps in KinderTown feature learning about animals, letter writing and a great app for reinforcing your bedtime routine.

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Bo’s Bedtime Story (iPad)Bo’s Bedtime (iPhone)

Subject: Language

Category: Pre-Reading, Comprehension

Concept: Listening

Age: 3,4,5

Price: 1.99

Device: iPad, iPhone

Bo’s Bedtime Story is a great way for your child to practice how to get ready for bed each evening. Bo’s 10 interactive pages walks through each step of getting ready for bed, from picking out pajamas to taking a bath and then settling down to sleep. Each page has an interactive element which reinforces an early learning skill like sorting, matching and counting. By listening carefully and comprehending what the story is asking, your child will easily be able to complete all the activities and then be ready to start their own nighttime routine. We love how this app can be used as a cool down before bedtime.

Write My Name by Injini

Subject: Language

Category: Pre-Reading, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary

Concept: Letter Writing, Sight Words, Letter and Sound Recognition

Age: 3,4,5,6

Price: 1.99

Device: iPad

Write My Name by Injini blends a variety of learning experiences together in one well-designed app. Children will be practicing writing while learning letter names, sight words and increasing their vocabulary. Start by tracing and writing your name. Move on to working on uppercase and lowercase letters where children hear the letter name and are guided through how to form each letter. Finally practice writing over 100 commonly used words and watch a quick animation that models the words meaning. Two tracing modes allow ch

ildren to practice with the app making the lines or in fingerpaint mode to see their own work. P

arents, go on the app first to set up your children’s names and read through the information pages.

What Did Snakey Eat Free

Subject: Science

Category: Investigation

Age: 4,5

Price: Free

Device: Universal

What Did Snakey Eat Free by the National Wildlife Federation is a silly app that will have your child laughing while they try to figure our what is in Snakey’s belly. Game play moves slowly and is quite simple. Look at the shape of what is under Snakey’s skin and choose from 3 pictures to reveal what is inside. Both animals and objects have been eaten. Choose the matching picture and watch Snakey “throw-up” what is inside, to the delight of your young child. This app works on visual discrimination, but your child will love it because of all the “gross” bodily functions – puking and burping – that are in this app. Not a lot of learning, but if you are okay with the “gross” stuff than your child will have a blast!


Subject: Science

Category: Life Science

Age: 3,4

Price: 3.99

Device: Universal

ZOOLA is a wonderful app for learning to recognize and name animals. Explore 5 categorie

s of animals. Tap on an animal picture to hear the real sound they make. See images of the adult male and female, baby and a special heart image that shows the animals as a family. Delightful music plays along and listening to the actually recordings of

the animal sounds is a fantastic feature. After exploring add your own animal pictures or play with the in app games: memory match, puzzle or Simon Says. Beware there is an easy to tap contact button that is not locked with links to Facebook, email and the app store.

If you haven’t tried this app – you should!

2BME Firefighter

Subject: Social Studies

Category: Community

Age: 4,5

Price: 1.99

Device: Universal

This week out kid testers could not get enough of 2BME Firefighter!

2BME Firefighter is an app for young children to learn about firefighters, firetrucks, and fire safety. Experiencing a day in the life of a firefighter while exploring the uniforms, equipment, how to answer emergency calls and more. Rescue a lost cat from a tree and put out fires from apartment windows. When you are done exploring, take a quiz to see how much you have learned. A really nice feature is the tutorial where children practice tapping, dragging and swiping. There is also a lite version with a small sample of content to check out before you buy.


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