New Apps in KinderTown – A Little Book About Feelings, Addition Top It, Montessori Letter Sounds HD, and more

New apps in KinderTown this week feature an exceptional eBook to help children understand their feelings, an addition game, a traditional “simon” memory game and a stellar Montessori literacy app.

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A Little Book About Feelings  (iPhone)

A Little Book About Feelings  (iPad)

Subject: Social Studies

Category: Social Skills

Age: 3,4,5,6

Price: 0.99

A Little Book About Feelings is an eBook to help your child understand and learn to express the emotions they are feeling. Adapted from the popular “Ruby Studio” that has a line of children books and activities that encourage development of emotional literacy. The story is filled with cute, fuzzy characters that express and share their emotions. Ruby narrates a story that helps children understand that emotions change often and how important it is to talk about the emotions we are feeling. There are some interactive elements in the app but mostly it is a story that children will benefit from hearing over and over again.

Everyday Mathematics Addition Top It

Subject: Math

Category: Number Sense

Concept: Addition/Subtraction

Age: 5,6

Price: 1.99

Device: Universal

Everyday Mathematics Addition Top It is a 2-player adding game that challenges children to answer addition problems to see who can get the most points. Take turns adding up numbers 1 – 10 and deciding which sum is bigger to earn points. The screen is very busy with lots of buttons, colors and shapes. The app does a good job of leading users through the multiple steps to play the game. Great app for children who are working on addition up to 20. We hope in the future the app will have more levels with larger numbers.

Zoola Simon

Subject: Language

Category: Pre-Reading

Concept: Listening

Age: 3,4,5,6

Price: Free

Device: Universal

Zoola Simon is a super memory game for kids. Play in the classic color mode or add animals and musical instruments for more fun. Three levels make this app a long lasting one. Memory games are important for developing listening and concentration skills plus they can be played in a way the supports learning new vocabulary. Zoola Simon does a good job of making cute and zanny characters that children love coming back to play with again and again. See who can go the longest with Zoola Simon!

Montessori Letter Sounds HD

Subject: Language

Category: Pre-Reading, Reading

Concept: Letter and Sound Recognition, Phonics, Letter Writing

Age: 3,4,5

Price: 4.99

Device: iPad

Montessori Letter Sounds gives parents and children a progression of early literacy skills that fully integrate the philosophy of self correction. 4 levels start children playing with sounds and increase in sophistication to building words. Writing, pictures and sounds are integrated into activities that our children testers loved such as: recording themselves saying new words, making name tags, tracing and smoothing out letters in the sand. Overall a quality educational experience that follows the Montessori methods. We encourage you to read more about everything this app does on the developers webpage.

If you haven’t tried this app – you should!

Alien Buddies

Subject: Art, Language, Math

Category: Colors, Number Sense, Pre-Reading

Concept: Counting, Number Recognition, Letter and Sound Recognition

Age: 4,5,6

Price: 1.99

Device: Universal

Alien Buddies has given a lot of attention to details in this childrens app. Activities consist of matching colors, numbers, letters, shapes, putting together puzzles and completing connect the dots, all done in an eye catching way. The alien characters are unique, the colors are brilliant, and the activities have both hints and parental options to add difficulty. This app is very entertaining for children and the activities, which lightly cover early education skills, are beneficial for children to engage in.


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