New App Released Today: Marble Math

From the developers of “Alien Buddies” comes 2 more educational apps perfect for fun learning at home!

Marble Math and Marble Math Jr.

Marble Math

Subject: Math

Category: Number Sense, Geometry, Measurement

Concepts: Operations, Fractions, Money

Ages: 8 and up

Price: $1.99

Platform: Universal

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Have younger kids? Marble Math Jr. (ages 5 to 8 ) should be launching mid-June.

Marble Math is an excellent example of how to merge quality game design with significant educational value. This app works learners through a sequence of understanding the question, tapping into knowledge to form an answer and creating a strategy for navigating the gameplay maze. Getting answers wrong is not an issue here as it is highly motivating to learn through trial and error too. Take time to read the information pages to learn about all the features and customize the problems and levels. One of the most engaging, educational math apps we have played to date.

How Kids are Learning

  • Kids think through how they are going to approach answering each question. There is strategy involved.
  • Questions ask more than basic “count” or “add.” Kids are asked questions in a variety of math areas integrating ordinal numbers, dice, tallies, shapes and more to solve math questions.
  • Game play helps kids tap into the powerful learning of answering questions incorrectly.

  • Much more engaging than worksheets and timed tests. Kids want to do their math practice on this app, which means more time spent thinking and learning.
  • Parents pick and choose what concepts their kids see in the app. Tailoring the experience helps to make sure your kids are challenged and working on concepts that are relevant to their learning.

Marble Math is created by Artgig Studios – Developers of “Alien Buddies” a favorite preschool learning activities app also in the KinderTown app store.

Alien Buddies has given a lot of attention to details in this children’s app. Activities consist of matching colors, numbers, letters, shapes, putting together puzzles and completing connect the dots, all done in an eye catching way. The alien characters are unique, the colors are brilliant, and the activities have both hints and parental options to add difficulty. This app is very entertaining for children and the activities, which lightly cover early education skills, are beneficial for children to engage in.


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