Math Apps to Use During the School Year

There are many math apps that span a wide spectrum of math content, often a full year’s worth for school or homework plans.

There are many math apps that span a wide spectrum of math content, often a full year’s worth of content that you could easily work into your school or homework plans. It’s helpful to find one your child enjoys and that easily combines with your routine if you feel he needs additional support in math or loves math.


Todo Math (iOS, Android)

Todo Math is a free app designed to practice early childhood math skills. The word todo in Spanish means “all” and is designed to inspire play with all the early childhood math concepts. It includes 18 multi-level games and has two different types of play; free choice and mission. In mission mode, the app gives a brief overview of each game and guides your child through each game one at a time. In free choice mode, all games are presented and your child chooses which one he would like to play. Free mode includes multiple levels of math games and includes adaptive play, which means the games automatically adapt to your child’s skill level. Parents, you can sign up for a parent account which will provide you with a more details about your child’s progress. Compared to most apps, Todo Math does contain a worthwhile amount of free content practicing many different areas of math for children ages 3-6. There are many different subscription plans available from 1 month to 1 year, ranging in price from $3.99-49.99. Check out their special version for schools if you are interested in the app for your classroom.


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1st Grade Math: Numbers, Counting and Addition Games (iOS, Web)

Splash Math 1st grade gives your child an interactive workbook to use on your iPad or iPhone. Fifteen chapters cover a range of math skills with three levels of difficulty and modes for practice or play. Children do need to be able to read and comprehend test-style math questions to use this app independently. The questions are read aloud but children need to read and choose from the multiple choices answers. The app begins with a placement test to be sure your child is receiving practice in relevant to his needs and adapts to his performance along the way. Children enjoy the rewards received for correct answers and can exchange them to “purchase” items for their digital pet. There is a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. A free trial is available for parents and a classroom version for teachers.


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Treasure Sums – Lumio addition and subtraction math games for the Common Core classroom (Full Version) (iOS only)

This app presents fact practice in a unique way. A number is presented at the top of the screen which is the sum, for example 10. Then groups of rings are represented below and children must move gems with numbers on them to the rings so that the numbers make a sum equal to ten. This challenges your child to make connections between numbers beyond just the facts. In some problems your child may need to use inverse operations or mental math strategies to arrive at the correct solutions to the puzzles. There are helpful hints presented on the side for children who need extra guidance. There are three different episodes within the app that provide increasingly difficult challenges. The episodes cover addition and subtraction concepts with numbers up to 1,000.


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