Back to School Math Apps

KinderTown hand-picked these math apps for your students going back to school.


Just because we call them “Back to school,” it doesn’t mean it’s too late to try these fun math apps.

Fun Math Apps for Back to School

#1 Math Games App for Kids in Preschool & Kindergarten – Singapore maths learning method: fun games, interactive worksheets and activities free by Kids Academy (iOS only)


This app practices early childhood math concepts through games and videos. Parents, the app will prompt you to select your child’s age and then will adjust the options available for your child. Each concept is segmented into learning modules situated along a path in the woods. For each module there are 3 educational videos that explain the concept to children. They are short and appropriate for the age level of the child. Then your child can complete the practice games. The practice games focus in on early learning concepts such as tracing and counting numbers, basic geometric shapes, ordinal numbers, patterns, and more. The characters in the videos and games are well developed and appealing to young children. This app is subscription-based with various options for monthly or yearly payments. Additionally, there is a free 7-day trial option. Parents, you are able to set up multiple profiles and have each profile be a unique experience for the child. Another great feature to accompany the app is free printable worksheets available on their website to follow up your child’s digital practice. This app is a worthwhile investment for building early learning math skills and is appropriate for children ages 4-8.


Todo Math (iOS and Android)

Todo Math

Todo Math is a free app designed to practice early childhood math skills. Todo in Spanish means all, which indicates that this app is designed to inspire play with all the early childhood math concepts. It includes 18 multi-level games and has two different types of play: free choice and mission. In mission mode, the app gives a brief overview of each game and guides your child through each game one at a time. In free choice mode, all games are presented, and your child chooses which one they would like to play. It includes multiple levels of math games and includes adaptive play, which means the games automatically adapt to your child’s skill level. Parents, you can sign up for a parent account, which will provide you with a more detailed look at how your child is progressing through the app. Compared to most apps, Todo Math does contain a worthwhile amount of free content to provide practice in many areas of math for children ages 3-6.


Park Math by Duck Duck Moose (iOS only)

Park Math App Icon

Park Math by Duck Duck Moose provides practice in a variety of math concepts without sacrificing depth of learning or fun. Park Math is an extremely thoughtful app that moves users seamlessly through counting, addition, subtraction, sequencing, patterning, and comparing while being developmentally appropriate and engaging. Cheery music and a child’s voice accompany the game play throughout the app. Unlike many of the math apps in the app store, Park Math does not simply have children answering questions or tapping on objects. Park Math integrates three levels of learning into a park theme to practice and investigate math concepts in a meaningful way. Addition and subtraction are practiced in a story problem format, and counting skills are developed in the context of one-to-one correspondence. Thank you, Duck Duck Moose, for creating this engaging and educational environment. Park Math is appropriate for children ages 3-5.


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