Learn to Read with uKloo!

We received uKloo for Christmas, and my children have been enjoying the game together.


We received uKloo for Christmas and my children have been enjoying the game together.

Children love scavenger hunts, and my children are no different. I have a 7-year-old reader, and a three-year-old non-reader. They work together to solve the scavenger hunt in this game, and a spirit of cooperation is needed to be successful with the game.


uKloo Review

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The game and app uKloo was made by a mom who was challenged by her son’s reluctance to read. He would  hide from her whenever it was time to read. She thought perhaps hiding the “reading” or words would work for his learning style, and uKloo was born. As a teacher, the key to the game is the picture word chart that helps children link a visual picture to common words. Through repetition and their experience playing the game, the words start to stick. This game also serves as a great reinforcement of common words your child may already have learned to read. With summer right around the corner this would be an excellent game for your beginning reader to play, to keep their reading skills strong without them realizing that they are practicing those skills. The hook for kids with uKloo is finding the cards. Marching all over the house finding the clues and reading them was the big attraction for my kids. Use the Picture Helper chart for assistance in reading the words when your child gets stuck. This game has also received rave reviews from parents of special needs children who are learning to read because of its unique approach.


Read KinderTown's review of uKloo.

Now, there is an app to pair with the early learning reading game. uKloo the app works like the hands-on game. The app works to build familiarity with basic sentence structure and high frequency words. The app invites children to find the uKloo card hidden in the scene by reading the short and simple clue. Two different scenes are provided, a farm scene and a market scene. Prompt your child to use the picture clues for what word might be in the sentences that they need to read, or use the helpful book icon to display the visual picture prompt chart. Parents, you can adjust the level for your child  (1-10) and the amount of correct answers needed before receiving positive reinforcement. As the levels increase, the sentence structure becomes more difficult and the words are less repetitive. Your child will feel successful learning to read because of the repeated phrases and words on the clues. Unlock surprises along the way for reinforcement for your child.   Use the ? button to find helpful hints. uKloo is free and appropriate for beginning readers ages 4-6.


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  1. I never heard of UKloo before, but it seems like a fun and educational game :-).

  2. Cristina says:

    Me neither! never heard of it, but it sounds fun. Good luck everyone.