iTikes Map Review & Guide

iTikes has created a nice hybrid product for early learners.


iTikes has created a nice hybrid product for early learners.

The iTikes Map is compatible with your iPhone but can also be a stand-alone toy. The map offers several ways to interact with different types of maps. The map comes with interchangeable card maps of different subjects: dinosaurs, world facts, music, solar system, world cats, and world dogs. Each of the maps use three different levels of difficulty on the topic in order to engage a wider age range of children. When playing with the map, use the pen to tap on the pictures around the map to hear fun facts to learn about the region. The dogs and cats map of the world was especially of interest to my daughter.  If using the iPhone, the app will provide additional tidbits of information in the form of 3D interactive images and animated facts. The iTikes map is a great way to introduce children to different topics around the world while building map-reading skills. The toy is easy to use for young children, and teaches a wide variety of topics.

iTikes App

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Who is iTikes Map For?

It’s great for children ages 3-6 with an interest in other cultures and places around the world.


What’s the Educational Value of iTikes Map?

The interactive maps provide many different types of educational information on topics around the world using videos, music, 3D diagrams, and interactive features in the free app. The toy offers many options: different maps, use with or without the iPhone, and three different levels of play. It’s more than a toy; it’s an educational experience.


Platform: iOS for iPhones



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