Help Your Child Learn Writing, Reading, and the Foundations of Language – New Power Packs

Our featured Power Packs of the week include activities, assessments and product recommendation for teaching your child:

Drawing: Get started on the path to writing by first communicating through drawing.

Available levels: 3K, PreK, K

Books for Kids: It’s never to early to start reading! We have tons of resources for encouraging a love of reading.

Available levels: 3K, PreK, K, 1st, 2nd

Sound Play: Rhyming, isolating sounds, counting syllables activities plus much more of the foundational skills useful for supporting new readers.

Available levels: 3K, PreK, K

How to become a Power Parent?

Power Packs can be found in the free KinderTown app, which is available for download on iPads (including iPad minis), iPhones, and iPod Touches. The power packs can be purchased individually if you just want to focus on a specific skill, or you can get access to all of the power packs, as well as other premium features like being able to search for free apps, by purchasing a Power Parent subscription.

Here is a free look at a KinderTown Power Pack


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