Get Ready for Kindergarten | App and Activity Recommendations in KinderTown Power Packs

KinderTown Power Packs are “mini” lesson plans designed specifically for parents that guide them in teaching their children specific subjects. They go beyond apps to combine learning and play. Each Power Pack has ideas for activities, games, assessments, and other materials that parents can easily do right in their home.

This week we’re focusing on how you can use Power Packs to prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Already have a Kindergartener? You’ll find educational app and activity recommendations for kids ages 3 to 8 in the KinderTown app. Just tap on the Power Pack tab!

Spring means Kindergarten enrollment and more talks with your little one about going to big kid school next year. While your child might be brimming with excitement (we hope!) for parents it can be the start of a nervous few months. Let us help you put the nerves aside with activities, apps and product recommendations that will help your child get ready for Kindergarten!

Today I am wearing the Kindergarten teacher hat to share my three favorite Language Power Packs for getting your child prepared for those first months in school. In order to find the activities and apps on your child’s ability level, I suggest looking through both the Level PreK and Level K Power Packs.

Sound Play

Why it’s Important: Songs, rhymes, alliterations and other word games highlight the sounds in words. This sound play reinforces syllables and the ways individual sounds can be manipulated to make different words. Helping to train your child’s ear to identify and manipulate sounds pays off as your child learns to read.

Recommended Apps & Activities in the Sound Play Power Pack, Level PreK:


Why it’s important: Reading, writing, communicating and comprehending takes a wealth of language. To build up your child’s language, vocabulary, provide rich experiences (not just isolated word learning) daily through conversations, books and play. When your child gets to the classroom understanding more complex academic language won’t be such a struggle.

Recommended Apps & Activities in the Vocabulary Power Pack, Level PreK:

Print Awareness

Why it’s Important: When kids get to Kindergarten they’ll (hopefully) be spending tons of time with books and reading. Letters aren’t always neatly printed in the same place every time kids go to read. Prepare kids for a world of words with plenty of experiences with books, writing and noticing print in their environment.

Recommended Apps & Activities in the Print Awareness Power Pack, Level K:


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