Gardening: Indoors With Apps

We are growing seedlings inside to start for our garden.


Some time ago, I wrote about the science project I conducted with my children. We grew seedlings inside to start our garden. My children excitedly watched as the seeds sprouted. We used our iPad to take pictures, and I analyzed with my older son why one of the sprouts seemed to be leaning toward the window.


They received the book How a Seed Grows as a gift, and we have read it several times. We reviewed the pictures of the seeds later toHow a Seed Grows remember how the seed started and progressed. We also used the app Popplet to make an organizational chart about how seeds grow, which included drawings, our own pictures, and color-coding.


After reading How a Seed Grows, my children and I talked about how the story connected to our own experience and how the seed in the story was different from our seeds. Making connections to the story and distinguishing differences is a great thinking activity for reading together with your children.



Popplet is an open-ended app in which you can create your own graphic organizer. Read KinderTown's review.

Popplet is an open-ended app in which you can create your own graphic organizer. It is a great tool for lots of different subject areas and simple enough for younger kids to use with guidance. I like how the app only offers the most simple and useful tools and doesn’t overwhelm kids with tons of options. We used the pictures we took in Popplet and added descriptions to form a visual representation of the process of how a seed grows. Popplet could be used for many different purposes, such as a pre-writing, re-creating a timeline from a book, describing a character from a book, or recording facts you’ve learned about a topic. Popplet is a fabulous learning tool!

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Happy Little Farmer

This app is adorable and you will fall in love with it! Read KinderTown's review.

Welcome to your own personal fruit and vegetable farm! This app is adorable, and you will fall in love with it! Kids take on the role of the farmer and complete the tasks associated with growing food. The background music plays familiar nursery rhyme tunes. From the menu, children choose the garden, tractor, or monster area in which to play. Children are engaged in play but certainly learning about how food grows in an age-appropriate way. They can dig the holes for the seeds, plant the seeds, water the plants, harvest the vegetables, and even chase the unwanted bugs away. The app does not contain narration, so, parents, talk to your children about what is happening as they complete all the interactive areas. Children earn stickers along the way for extra motivation and are able to navigate the app independently.


The experiential learning will continue throughout the summer and fall as our seeds are transferred to our garden and we harvest the fruits of our labor in the fall.


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