From Doodles, to Drawing, to Writing!

Foster your young author and illustrator with the activities in this week’s Power Pack.


In this week’s Power Pack you’ll find activities and apps that support your inventive author and illustrator.

Drawing PowerPack

At this beginning level of storytelling, children can begin to combine their drawing and writing skills to show meaning. Apps included in this Power Pack are:

Sago Mini Doodlecast for Kids

Read KinderTown's review of Sago Mini Doodlecast

Handwriting without Tears

Read KinderTown's review of Handwriting without Tears

To find the Power Pack, download KinderTown onto your iOS device.


-Select the Power Pack icon from the menu at the bottom

-At the top left, select the level PreK

-Choose “Experiencing Language” from the list of skills.

-Login and View the Power Pack


We think this is a great opportunity for the world to see the power of the iPad for early childhood learning. Access the Power Pack through the KinderTown app (remember, you must be signed in),  and select the Power Packs icon from the bottom menu to check them out!

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