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Subitizing is the skill of knowing how many items are in a group without directly counting them. Subitizing helps to develop overall number sense and lays the foundation for counting by 2’s, 10’s, and 100’s; adding numbers; and computing mentally.


Subitizing is the skill of knowing how many items are in a group without directly counting them. Try out these free, tested math apps.

Each of the apps featured on the blog today are free and have been supported through funding by the National Science Foundation. The apps have been researched and tested in learning centers and have been proven to improve early learning math skills when compared with students who didn’t use the apps. All of the apps have a simple interface and have a repetitive nature to the activities presented–a compelling reason to add them to your child’s collection! After using the apps with your children, check out their hands-on activities to support your child’s learning.



Gracie & Friends Birthday Café

This app creates every kid’s favorite party scene–a birthday party–to learn about subitizing. Children arrange the friends in the app at tables and distribute items to celebrate.



Gracie & Friends City Skate

Help your child ride their skateboard through the city and jump to catch the groups that represent a specific number. There are twenty different levels on the skating adventure. The skating is easy to navigate.



Gracie & Friends Treasure Bubbles

Pop bubbles with your child in this two-person app. The goal of the game is to only pop the bubbles that represent the given number. Each person can lengthen and shorten their rope to pop or avoid the bubbles falling from the sky. An engaging way to learn about numbers!



Gracie & Friends Jungle Gym

Play with robots and add stickers to their bellies to make numbers. Then children make the robots hang from a rope, matching them up to make all the robots that contain like numbers hang together from the rope. The best part is shaking the app to make all the robots fall and then starting over again!


There’s no reason not to try these excellent early math apps.


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