4 Best Free Apps for Preschoolers

Is your preschooler eager to start school? Ease them into the basics with these fun apps!

Is your preschooler eager to start school? Ease them into the basics with these fun apps!

Alien Assignment (iOS only)

Alien Assignment is a must-have app. The app was created by a kindergarten teacher in partnership with the Fred Rogers Center. In this app, your child needs to the help the aliens fix their broken ship. The only way to fix the ship is to take pictures of objects around you to help the aliens. The app teaches your kids how to use your device’s camera, gives them short instructions such as, “find something cold”, and sends them to look around the house to capture an image. Parents play an important role as they check to make sure that the pictures match the given instructions. This is a delightful app that gets kids up, moving, thinking and interacting with their environments and trusted adults. The addition we would like to see is a skip button for the introduction, but it’s not lengthy side so kids don’t mind. The app is appropriate for children 4-6.


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Gracie & Friends Birthday Café (iOS only)

This app creates every kid’s favorite party scene,a birthday party, while helping them learn to subitize (the ability to ‘see’ a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting). Children arrange the guests at tables and distribute items to celebrate.This app has been researched and tested in learning centers and has been proven to improve early learning math skills when compared with students who didn’t use the app. This app has a simple interface and the activities presented are repetitive nature which help to increase confidence and strengthen the connections in the brain to help children learn the activities presented–a compelling reason to add it to your collection! After using the app with your children, check out their hands-on activities offered through their website to support your child’s learning.This app is free and appropriate for children ages 3-5.


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Word Wagon – by Duck Duck Moose (iOS only)

Word Wagon supports phonics instruction in a artistic and entertaining way. Four levels of phonics instruction are practiced with 7 groups of themed words. Children are learning letters, sounds, and spelling. In each level children hear a word that is matched with a picture. Next, children drag mixed up letters from the bottom of the screen to the correct boxes to spell the word. Two cute characters, colorful images, and pleasing nursery rhyme songs complete the Word Wagon experience. Star rewards do not detract from phonics practice and can be used for play whenever the user needs a break from the learning. If you love this Duck Duck Moose app, check out their full line of free apps.


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Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame (iOS and Android)

This app works to develop your child’s social emotional skills. There are five scenarios presented in the app that present relatable problems your toddler may experience, such as not being able to put their shoes on themselves. The app works through solving the problem with your child and shows how to use the Breathe, Think, Do strategy. This is a great app to start a conversation with your child about how to handle challenging situations. A wonderful tool for parents! The app is appropriate for children ages 3-5.


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