Engaging Math Apps

This week we recommend two math apps that will grow along with your preschooler's math skills.

Engaging Math Apps


Jump Numbers (iOS only)


Jump Numbers is a truly unique game experience based on numbers. The app takes children through challenges involving counting, skip counting, and addition. The player must lead  their character from one shore to another by jumping on the correct number. Players can combine numbers to make numbers needed if they are missing. There is a hint button which is helpful to players who are just learning to play the game. The app uses adaptive technology to quickly adjust to your child’s learning level. There is a rewarding play area where children can play with the characters they have saved. The game has additional obstacles called “Stompers” and “Fuses” that will add a challenge to your child’s strategy as they navigate their way through the game. This app is appropriate for children who are becoming confident with recognizing numbers and counting approximately ages 4-8 and is $2.99.


Motion Math Match (iOS only)

Motion math match

Motion Math Match presents children with a series of cards and challenges them to match cards that equal the same value.  For example, a student might choose the following cards, 2+2=4, 4, and 3+1=4. The students can use both hands to match multiple cards.  Once a match has been made the cards disappear and more cards fall into place. The app adjusts to your child’s level and can be played with addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts, or division facts. This iPad app is appropriate for children ages 5-12 and is $3.99. Motion Math Match is available for iPad and iPad mini.


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