Educational Apps for Kids | Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets | Video Review

Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets welcomes kids in to learn about common household pets and playfully entertain themselves with early learning games. A spin of the hamster wheel leads kids to tap and swipe, revealing 1 of 6 household pets cutely hiding from view. Kids then have a wide open play screen! They can tap to learn interesting facts, choose from of a nice variety of learning games or leave the pet to create some music or art.

We highly recommend Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets for young children! Before you buy, take two minutes to see the app for yourself.

Animal Planet Hide & Seek PetsAnimal Planet Hide & Seek Pets
Subject: Science
Category: Life Science, Investigation
Age: 3 to 5
Price: $3.99
Device: Universal

Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets has lots of playful learning areas for kids. Designed with young app user in mind, the games are easy to play and quite entertaining. The learning in the app is centered around household pets. You’ll find interesting facts that are easy to expand and talk about away from the app. Other games in the app include tracing, counting, coloring, making music, sticker play, memory match, spot the difference and more! A nice playful app built around a childhood favorite theme of pets.


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