E-Books for On-The-Go Reading

E-books are great to have for on-the-go reading and don’t require lugging around heavy books. My family enjoys them on vacation, in a waiting room or in the car. Try these out for your next trip.


E-books are great to have for on-the-go reading and don't require lugging around heavy books.

Goodnight Moon


Goodnight Moon turns the classic storybook into a relaxing digital e-book. The book includes the classic illustrations and the option for a soothing narrator. Children can use the optional spyglass to find hidden treasures in the illustrations. Subtle interactive sections are included on each page, such as playing with the mittens or making the cow jump over the moon. Everything about the e-book should help your little one drift off to sleep. Goodnight Moon costs $4.99 and is appropriate for children ages 3-6.


Another Monster at the End of This Book…Starring Grover & Elmo!

Another Monster
Join Elmo and Grover for another silly story. The animations in the story app are captivating and invite children to get involved in the story. Children can easily tap to turn the page and giggle with Elmo and Grover as they try new ways to block the reader from turning the page. Of course, every child wants to turn the page anyway to see what silly tricks Elmo and Grover will try next. The book does include interactivity with objects on each page to interact and play with– perfect for young children. The app costs $3.99 and is appropriate for children ages 3-5. This book is one that is sure to be enjoyed again and again.


How I Became a Pirate

How I Became a Pirate!

This app by Oceanhouse Media is a digital book sure to be loved by your kids. I know many children who love to pretend to be pirates. The How I Became a Pirate book was a New York Times bestseller and is sure to be a favorite digital book as well. It has two options for reading: Read to Me and Read by Myself. The book has several different interactive pieces. When reading, your child can have the words read again by tapping them or tap the wrapping on  a pirate’s head and hear the word bandanna. This story is perfect for summer because the story begins with a boy using his imagination at the beach, spying a pirate ship in the ocean. The pirates come upon the shore and interact with the boy. The boy in the story boards the pirate ship and has an adventure. KinderTown likes the recording feature on each page. Beginning readers can read and record their voices. Save the recording, and children can listen to themselves reading the story. This is a great learning activity for children ages 6-8. It develops fluency and expression while reading and will become a parent favorite as well. The app costs $3.99 and is appropriate for children ages 3-8.


The Little Bug

The Little Bug

The Little Bug offers a pleasing story about a caterpillar who is fascinated with all of her bug friends. The story has calming background music and would be ideal before bedtime. The story offers many facts about bugs and has interactive pages to hold the youngest child’s interest. Children can make the grasshopper move, highlight the segments on a bug, or make the bee buzz. The art on each page is well done and communicates the story in an effective way. In the story, key words are in bold so that children can tap on them and have them repeated. The Little Bug costs $3.99 and is appropriate for children ages 3-6.


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