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Explore these great apps about the sun as we continue through Discover the Sun.

Summer Camp is for parents and kids to work together, exploring the world around you with activities that will take you outside, inside, and as far as your imagination will go! Learn more by reading the Welcome to KinderTown Summer Camp! blog post.


The sun is easy to take for granted because it is so integral to our lives; explain to your child how it affects their days and senses. Explore all you can about the sun!


Monkey Math School Sunshine

Read KinderTown's review of Monkey Math School Sunshine.
Monkeys, sunshine and learning. This app is bursting with joy! The app covers beginning patterns, shapes, sequencing, simple addition and subtraction, tracing numbers,  and number order. There are nine interactive games that include popping bubbles, and delightful jumping monkeys. The app uses tracking technology to automatically adjust to your child’s learning level. The developers are clearly attuned to what preschoolers love! KinderTown’s favorite feature is the way the app gently shows kids the incorrect answer without negative feedback, and excitedly celebrates correct answers. Children earn prizes such as fish or trinkets to include in their aquarium. Monkey Math School Sunshine app is appropriate for children ages 3-4 who are beginning to learn their numbers. The app is $1.99 and sure to become one of your preschooler’s favorites.


NASA Visualizer

Read KinderTown's review of NASA Visualizer.
Be the first to know what NASA is up to with the NASA Visualizer app. Enjoy the in-depth look at what’s happening in our solar system. Explore the captivating and fascinating pictures taken by NASA. The app is organized into stories and each story has coordinating videos, pictures and a descriptive article. Check out the solar exposures section to see a time lapse of the sun over the past 5 years. The app is appropriate for children ages 7-12. A great free app for scientists of all ages!


Sun by Kids Discover

Read KinderTown's review of Sun by Kids Discover.
Learn about the sun with the Kids Discover virtual Sun magazine. Enjoy a diagram of an eclipse and an interactive model of the sun. The app explores different sizes of stars in our galaxy, how a star is born, the sun’s core, solstice vs. equinox, and information about Sun Worshipers. Parents, there could be content that you do not agree with in the “how a star is born” section as well as the “Sun Worshipers.” Navigate these areas with your child and discuss your beliefs together. This is a great opportunity to show how to evaluate different opinions. Children will enjoy the interactive quizzes and fun puzzles. Also, don’t miss their free lesson plan and teacher’s guide. The app is $3.99 and appropriate for children ages 6-10.


DIY Sun Science

Read KinderTown's review of DIY Sun Science.
DIY Sun Science is funded by NASA, so the content is curated by experts. Learn about how scientists are continuing to study and learn about the sun. The app includes many short educational videos for kids. Watch a video that shows human understanding of the sun throughout history. Play in the sun observatory section of the app to see how different types of light act on the sun. Explore the hands-on, offline activities section to see how you can learn more about the sun. The app is free and appropriate for children ages 6-10.


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