Best Apps for Creativity for Ages 3-5

These apps focused on creativity will inspire the artist, scientist, teacher, and musician in your student.

Creativity is the ability to think in new, unique, or unusual ways. Creativity gives us the ability to problem solve and learn cognitive skills. This is why, especially for early learners, creativity is extremely important. Luckily for us, creativity comes in many forms. We’ll give you a start with these creativity apps that will inspire the artist, scientist, teacher, and musician in your student.


My PlayHome School (iOS, Android)

My PlayHome School is a digital playhouse that inspires conversation, role playing, and collaborative interaction. Manipulate a variety of character dolls throughout different rooms of the school. There are plenty of interactive elements in each room to make the play much more dynamic and extends a child’s interest with the app. For example, your child can play being a teacher, or experiment in the science room. This is an excellent app that lets kids take ownership of their play through exploration, storytelling, and role playing. They do an excellent job of adding rooms and characters with free updates. The app is $3.99 and does not include in-app purchases or advertisement, just lots of fresh ways for your child to create and explore. The app is for iPhone and iPad and is appropriate for children ages 3-5.


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Dr. Panda Art Class (iOS, Android)

There are six different virtual art activities for your child to experiment with in Dr. Panda Art Class. Create your own pottery with the virtual lathe. Then fire it and paint it. Fold origami paper to make a virtual pinwheel to play with in the wind. Design a virtual kite to sail through the sky. Put colored pegs on a board to create a design. The best part is that they can experience the process over and over again and play with their finished creations. The app is $2.99 and appropriate for children 3-5.


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Sago Mini Sound Box (iOS, Android, Amazon)

Sago Mini Sound Box, called a 21st century rattle by the developers, is a fantastic early sound exploration experience. Nine different thematic areas produce a variety of sounds with a tap, shake, or slide on the iPad. Sounds emerge from colorful spheres of various sizes that materialize as you touch the screen. Join your child to make a chorus of barking dogs, farm animals, or our personal favorite, the crystal clear chimes. The app is appropriate for children ages 3-5 and is $2.99.


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Draw and Tell (iOS only)

Draw and Tell brings the best features of drawing apps into one fabulous art experience. Choose from a blank page, your photos, or one of the backgrounds in in the app and start creating. Tools like crayons, stickers, paint, and erasers are used while this app records your child singing, talking, and moving objects as they create on the screen. Not feeling up to creating your own picture? Try out the variety of coloring pages where you get to drop paint into the lines to create a vibrant scene. This is another top free app from Duck Duck Moose. It is appropriate for children 3-5.


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