Crayola DigiTools Review & Guide

I was excited to try out Crayola DigiTools made especially for the iPad. I purchased the Deluxe Pack so that I could test drive all of the different tools and apps that accompany them.


I was excited to try out Crayola's DigiTools made especially for the iPad. I purchased the Deluxe Pack so that I could test drive all of the different tools and apps that accompany them.


Crayola's DigiTools

Where to Buy: Amazon, Wal-Mart


Who is Crayola DigiTools For?

It’s great for children ages 3-7 with interest in a tablet, early learning centers or preschools, occupational therapists.


What is the Educational Value of Crayola DigiTools?

It provides a motivating experience for children who may need practice holding a marker or stylus correctly, but the tool becomes cumbersome after prolonged interaction with the iPad. Children reverted to the traditional use of their fingers to navigate the app.


Platform: iOS for iPads

Price: 39.99


Crayola’s accompanying apps include: Crayola Effects App, 3-D App and the Airbrush App. Each app is set up in a similar way, but utilizes different tools.

crayola appCrayola Effects App – The app begins by having your child choose one of the 25 backgrounds on which to create their design, or choose a blank background. My daughter instantly liked the Crayola digital marker, because she could hold it naturally and color as she would on paper. But the pictures had much smaller spaces to color than the size of the tool, so she ran into some problems when she tried to color in the smaller spaces. Also difficult was the fact that the digital marker requires more pressure than a regular crayon.  The rolling tool is not available in the deluxe pack, although it still appears as an option within the menu, and that was a confusing factor for my daughter, too. What she enjoyed most was coloring in the pictures, and the stamping tool, to add stickers to the page. The app includes the option to save the drawing, to send it to a friend, as well as undo and redo buttons.

3-D App – The general setup of this app mirrors the Crayola Effects app. The menu is designed in the same way: choose a background, this time they are already shaded and colored to give a 3-D effect, draw with the corresponding tools, and share it with a friend, or save it.  This app features the use of the 3-D Stylus, which uses two touch points to draw two different lines that appear in 3-D fashion when using the glasses. 3-D crayola app

Airbrush App – The menu is very similar to the Crayola Effects app, designed in the same way. But this app features the Airbrush tool, which allows children to virtually spray paint their paper.


Overall, the apps do provide experiences for children using stylus-like tools for drawing. They don’t exactly encourage beautiful art work; because the tools are such a fun distraction to experiment with, my kids didn’t focus on thinking through a concept and rendering it. They just wanted to use all the tools. But eventually my children laid the tools down, and selected the options from the menu and used their finger as with other drawing apps. These tools would be great to use with children who are working on correct pencil grip and need a motivating medium to practice that skill.


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