8 of the Best Educational Apps for Older Children

"My children are growing out of the age range for KinderTown. Do you have any recommendations for older children?" TL;DR - yes. πŸ˜€

My children are growing out of the age range for KinderTown. Do you have any recommendations for older children? TL;DR – yes. πŸ˜€


This is a great question from one of our KinderTowners. Included in KinderTown are many apps that would apply to older children; while we focus on apps for ages 3-8, we have many apps at the upper age limit that extend beyond the age range. Check out these apps that work best for children ages 9-12.


Best Math Apps for Older Children

At this age the multiplication and division facts are typically memorized and apps are a great way to practice them. They may interest your child more than worksheets or flashcards. Check out these apps for multiplication and division facts: Operation Math works against a timer to solve math facts, which can be motivating for some children but intimidating for others. The app is setup to evoke children on a secret spy mission to solve the equations. Try Operation Math Code Squad for use with multiple children which has a similar theme. Another great app for older children is Quick Math. This app offers choices from the four operations to practice. The app works to motivate students by beating their own best time. A less intimidating timing device and less of a threat when you are competing against yourself but motivating for children.


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Best Language Arts Apps for Older Children

For 9-12 year olds, language arts is more complex. Here are few suggestions for great apps in this subject area. Word Runners – This app works to develop your child’s comprehension skills and vocabulary in a creative way. The app is built with many different worlds where children can advance through by choosing creative adjectives, defining words, or choosing the best vocabulary work to finish a sentence. There are lots of creative opportunities to work with words as you progress through the worlds. Duolingo – this app is great for anyone learning a new language. The app is free and aims to give access to anyone who wants to learn a new language. A great resource for everyone!


Best Science Apps for Older Children

Science becomes more approachable at this age and children are often interested in a wide variety of topics. Capitalize on their curiosity with these apps; Sound Uncovered – This app offers a large amount of content on every aspect of sound that you can imagine. The content is diverse with interesting pictures, facts, diagrams, and multimedia activities to play with sound. If you have a fan of space concepts, the NASA app is a must have. The information is updated directly from NASA and includes amazing pictures and updates on their current and past work. Lastly, experimenting and tinkering with objects is often a fascination for children in this age range. Try the app Monster Physics. This app presents tutorials about physics concepts in the atmosphere through a fun game as well as an open ended environment for play and discovery.


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