Best Apps for Math Fact Practice

It’s back to school time and I bet many of you are looking to sharpen up your child’s math facts. Make practicing math¬†fun and interesting with these apps!


Make practicing math facts fun with these apps!

Math Fact Apps

Sushi Monster

Read KinderTown's review of Sushi Monster.

Sushi Monster is made by Scholastic, and is completely free!¬†Sushi Monster is a delightful app for strengthening kids’ math fluency and reasoning with addition and multiplication.


Operation Math

Read KinderTown's review of Operation Math.

Operation Math makes practicing math facts unbelievably fun! Check out the full review inside the KinderTown app.


Math Bingo

Read KinderTown's review of Math Bingo.

Math Bingo is a fun way to practice math facts. Users choose a character, identify if they want to work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, or a mix of all four; tap on easy, medium, or hard, and then set to work filling a bingo board with bugs as they solve math problems. Download KinderTown for more information.


Quick Math

Read KinderTown's review of QuickMath.

Be Quick, Be accurate! QuickMath works to improve math fact fluency by offering the challenge of speed and accuracy. Check out the review inside the app!


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2 responses to “Best Apps for Math Fact Practice”

  1. Scott says:

    What would be wonderful is an app that meshes up with Math U See! We love Math U See and being able to practice math facts and skills offline the Demme way would help our autistic child to lock in. Is there such a thing beyond the online drills page through Math U See?

    • Lanette Gemmill says:

      Thank you for your comment. Did you know that Math-U-See has a manipulatives app that enables students to use virtual blocks and fraction overlays to solve problems? We don’t have an app that provides specific drill and practice activities yet, but I’d be happy to forward your suggestion to our Curriculum Development department for their consideration. You can download the KinderTown app and search for iOS apps by age level or subject area. I’d be happy to make more specific recommendations if you would like to share more details about your child’s situation and needs.