Best Apps for 6 Year Olds

The KinderTown team spent a whole month reviewing the best apps for 6 year olds.

The KinderTown team spent a whole month reviewing the best apps for 6 year olds. They’ve narrowed it down to their favorite five apps in various educational categories including math and language. The full list is below.

Montessori Numbers

Numbers 1 to 999 are broken down for kids to build with number rods and numerals in Montessori Numbers. Fabulous number learning experience that is applicable to your 4 year old or 10 year old.


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Math Doodles

Get thinking with Math Doodles. A variety of math games have kids thinking through number relationships in completely new ways. An app that parents and kids enjoy using together.


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Word Wizard for Kids

The best part of Word Wizard is the phonics support provided to kids in a fun and easy to use interface. Drop letters onto the screen and hear the sound the letter makes. As you add letters next to each other the app applies a variety of phonics rules too. Great for kids to try out spelling words before writing.


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Toca Band

Get rocking with Toca Band. 16 creative characters each provide a unique sound to add to your music. Levels of the stage let you control the rhythms. Even a platform for epic soloing. An app kids (and adults) just can’t get enough of.


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Being Global

Our world is a big beautiful place. Help your kids explore the people and cultures of this world with this Being Global, a dynamic, descriptive eBook.


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